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Monte Vista Acres

This tract of land located about 20 miles southwest of Alamosa and 20 miles south of the town of Monte Vista, which means Mountain View, in Spanish. The Rocky Mountains surround this famous San Luis Valley of southern Colorado; therefore, this parcel of land affords us with beautiful views of mountains in all directions. The closest mountains are the San Juan range, which are to the west. The foothills begin about 5 miles from this land, and it is another 8 to 10 miles to the higher country.

The Alamosa River is 7-8 miles to the west. Platoro Reservoir is about 40 miles southwest, and Trujillo Reservoir is about 75 miles south; these are the two best fishing and recreation lakes in the area. The Monte Vista National Wildlife Refuge is just eleven miles away; it fronts on both sides of Highway 15.

The land, covered with native grass and brush, is undeveloped valley agricultural land. Underground water is available and a well permit can be obtained for this property. Electricity is as close as two miles, and cellular phone service is available. Elevation is about 7,700 feet—almost a mile and a half high in the Colorado sky! This area of Colorado is home to many antelope and occasionally to deer, elk, and rabbits.

This forty acre parcel fronts on a good, existing hard-packed dirt and gravel road. The ranch was surveyed, and there is a marker (metal stake with identifying numbers) on each corner of the property; the markers correspond to the survey map, so it is very easy to locate the exact boundaries.


To get to this lot from Monte Vista, Colorado:

Take Hwy 15 South (Gun Barrel Road) approximately 17 miles south of Monte Vista.
Turn left (east) on County Road AA and go 2 miles.
Turn right (south) and drive ½ mile and turn left (east).  Go ½ mile and you will be at the southwest corner of the lot.


$28,500 Cash
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